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HLG Insurances was established in 2007 to provide a network of regional insurance professionals around NZ to support the Home Loan Group's Mortgage Operation and provide insurance solutions for our clients.

Utilising their in depth knowledge and experience HLG Insurance advisers have developed a service that will guide our clients through the insurance process. They are able to provide a comprehensive assessment of our clients personal and general insurance needs taking into consideration their lifestyle aspirations, home loan and debt protection and financial goals. After analyzing this information they will develop a unique report and insurance recommendation with the objective of protecting the clients and their family against the impact of those unforeseen disaster events that threaten their financial stability and wellbeing.

HLG Insurances have access to a wide range of insurance providers which allows our advisers to select the products that most suit our client's needs. Our team will offer their expertise to ensure that a competitive insurance portfolio is obtained and tailored for your needs.

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